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Retro Film Damage

50 authentic film damage elements including dirt, dust, scratches, grunge, grain and more.
holding hands against red background

All the ingredients you need to recreate a realistic retro film look. Featuring 40 authentic film damage elements, designed for compositing in Premiere.

woman repeated several times with distortionplay buttonwoman repeated several times with distortionplay button
man looking up and holding neck

Composite a single element or mix multiple elements together. Create a variety of looks depending on which elements you choose and how you assemble.

See the difference. Film Composite looks real because it is real. Add real film elements to your video edit in a few easy steps.

woman with palm tree behind her

Retrofy your digital shots

50 elements to use in symphony. Easily apply a single element or create complex builds using a variety of elements together.

film damage effectplay buttonfilm damage effectplay button
woman with light bleeding onto her
man peeking through hands
teeth and light ray

Retro Film Damage is ridiculously easy to use. Here’s how it works.

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Step 1
Add above your shot
Retro Film Damage is a video-based. Simply drag and drop a file above your shot in your Premiere timeline.
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Step 2
Change the blend mode
Using Premiere’s blend mode feature, with one click, the effect will be composited with your digital shot.
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Step 3
Add finishing touches
You can change the overlay’s opacity to tweak the intensity. Or add a film style grade to complete your look.
(Perfect) imperfections
man with eyes closed with damageman with eyes closed without damage
man with eyes closed with damageman with eyes closed without damage
Original digital shot
Retro Film Damage + grade

Built for Adobe Premiere. Simply drag and drop directly in your Premiere timeline and composite with your digital shots in realtime. Stack, mix, and experiment to create your own unique look.

adobe premiere timelineadobe premiere timeline
Specifications: Retro Film Damage
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40 film damage overlays
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10 second runtime each
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Seamlessly loopable
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UHD 3840x2160
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ProRes LT codec
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20GB file size
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Video tutorials included
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Adobe Premiere required
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Real time workflow
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No plugins required
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Instant digital download
Purchase options: Retro Film Damage
Retro Film Damage is available as a standalone purchase or bundled as part of The Collection.
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$149 USD
Retro Film Damage
50 film damage overlays
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$199 USD
The Collection
130+ film assets including Retro Film Damage