About us

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Here at Film Composite, our goal is to offer authentic and high quality film replication elements for video editors. We’re video editors ourselves, and we love the shot-on-film aesthetic.
The process of producing real film elements starts with celluloid film. We shoot everything in house, then ship it off to a trusted developer. Once we receive the negatives back, the real work begins.
We do all of our scanning in house - frame by frame in a high resolution 16bit TIF format. From there, we manipulate the scans in a way that isolates a specific film element - whether it be film grain, film imperfections, or other elements. The frames then go through a rigorous process of touch up, grading, and further manipulation. From start to finish, the goal is to produce elements that are aesthetically uncompromised, simple to composite, and useful to editors.
At the end of the process, our frames are outputted to a 4K video format using either ProRes 422 or ProRes HQ codec. The final result is a stunningly high quality digitized film element that’s been shot, processed, and designed to composite effortlessly with your footage, directly in your timeline.
We hope you enjoy our offering as much as we enjoyed producing it. If you have any suggestions or just want to chat, we’d love to hear from you!
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